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Dog Toys

Obviously, toys are the most popular dog products. Nobody can imagine the life of such an active and energetic animal as a dog without funny playing.

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NEW ARRIVALS - Bite Tug and Toys

The owner’s aim is to find a safe for the health, durable in usage and interesting for the game toy. Our Boxer web store has the widest choice of toys. Numerous models are presented in various sizes and materials. We have toys made of rubber, innovative Tetraflex, a special Durafoam. Try to guess which of them your pet will choose himself a ball on a string or a squeaky toy, chewing toy with a dotted surface for a gums massage or treat dispenser for challenging mealtime. The one we can say for sure, all the toys in the store are absolutely harmless for the dog’s teeth and health, as the materials used for their manufacturing are dog-safe and non-allergenic.