Boxer Collars

Exclusive Boxer Collar for Agitation with Handle
Extra Wide Leather Collar with Stylish Braids for Boxer
Leather Dog Collar Padded with Thick Felt for Boxer

It is quite difficult to imagine the life of a dog without a collar. Hardly any activity with the dog is possible without this necessary dog gear. The collars sold in our store are high quality and affordable in their prices. You can find over 100 models of high-end handmade dog collars of different materials and styles. Every model is quality, adjustable and extremely comfortable for the dog. Made according to the world standards, our dog collars are durable and long servicing tool suitable for regular wear and training exercises. There are plenty of models of various designs for different purposes. All the collars are maximally reliable not to be broken or torn during walking. Check all the model starting from a simple design collars up to the extremely fashionable ones decorated with studs and spikes to make up your mind which will fit your dog.

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